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Something I ate 

The most delicious Magic-O biscuits in the world. They changed my life for the better! :D


Something I saw

Cutest giraffe just chilling balls.


Something to look forward to

I would love to go to Thailand some day and experience their magical culture and heritage. (Pictures not my own)


Something in my room

My pet  butterfly.


Something I wore

My lovely new handbag and shoes.


Something I wish for

A studio to do all sorts of crafts and arty things where anything goes and my imagination can run free. (Pictures not my own)


Something I made

A bracelet with a few random goodies I found.


Something that makes me cry

The movie Blood Diamond will always make me cry. The intolerable cruelty and reality of the situation is unbearable.  (Pictures not my own)


Something I enjoy

Reading way too many magazines!


Something that makes me happy

I absolutely love to dance. In the shower, on the dance floor, on my bed. Makes me incredibly happy. (Pictures not my own)



Friends 2011.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

My friends make up the better part of my life and I feel they deserve a post or two. Without these crazy people I would not survive. I have made a few collages of some of the good times I have shared with them in 2011. 2012 will follow at the end of the year (if I remember)…

  • Lots and lots of good old fashioned ‘kuiers’ in Pretoria with my res mates.

  • My sister- one of my bestest friends always.

  • Some good times doing Asterhof (our res) things.

  • My civil engineering friends- sharing some good times at varsity and out and about.

  • Our second year dance at res.

  • Some special memories with my best friend from school- Claudia and a few others.

  • Some more res mates at our first 21st birthday celebration.

  • We just love being a part of res and always being silly together.

  • And of course some questionable and crazy times.

Diagonal Str.

Another photowalk I have recently done is the Traditional African Culture Walk. We started at the former JSE building, 17 Diagonal St, and worked our way through the streets of downtown Joburg. We wandered through Muti shops, met Sangomas (witchdoctors) and Inyangas (herbalists), learnt about traditional African religion, and wandered through shops that supply traditional beads and cloths from Shona, Shangaan, Zulu, Swazi, Sesotho, Ndebele and Venda origins.

The vibrant streets are filled with locals trying to get by, their stalls overflowing with items to sell. From fruit and vegetables to shoe repairs to handmade tea cosies, they will do anything to (make you feel slightly uncomfortable and) get your attention.

It amazes me how, with so little, they are always content with what they have in their community. The children play in the streets and the grandmothers sweep the sidewalk. How simple life would be if we didn’t know any better. I think for them- ignorange is bliss, but for me- I’d like to see the world  and explore my options. Seeing the ways of different cultures makes me wonder what makes my life so relevant. It makes me think about the things I feel are important to sustain a happy life.

The basics are there whether you are Zulu, Afrikaans, Greek or Chinese: friendship, family, love and a sense of belonging. I can only attempt to capture the emotion and vibrancy of the streets.  So without further adu, here are some of the photographs I took that day.

Things I’ve made.

Here are a few of the random things I’ve made. Mostly because I’m bored or procrastinating but it clearly is something that I love to do with my (not so) free time when my mind wanders :).


Pretty little butterflies that I made last year. Inspired by Serena’s room in Gossip Girl Season 5. Her’s are slightly more professional but mine are awesome because I made them all by myself (yes literally cutting each one out).


Some paper flowers that were mighty difficult to shape I might add. They always look so cool but its not as easy as you might think. I’m not sure what to do with them yet but ill let you know when I do.


A Keep Calm & Carry On poster – one of the most powerful and widely recognised sayings. If you don’t know the story behind it, watch this short video, it will rock your world ;) (


I have a bit of an obsession with keyrings. I have a collection of around 80 so far and I made these felt keyrings to add to the collection. I saw the idea and just had to try it out for myself!


I made this random window decoration from old photography slides. Super cool.


This is another one of my room decorations, my favourite quotations, so that I can read them every day and will always be inspired and motivated.


I made this Mother’s Day card out of magazine pages, mostly because it was 11pm the night before and I had no idea what to do, and because I’m super over making boring old 2D cards. So last year. Note the yummy cake too!


That’s all for now folks.

Chinese New Year 2012.

A few months ago I went on an interesting photowalk with my mother dearest to go see the colourful and magical sights of the Chinese New Year. I hope to go visit the Great Wall someday but for now, here is a sneak peak into the Chinese culture and traditions regarding their New Year celebrations.

Sunday 22nd January 2012
Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, Bronkhorstspruit
Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. The festival reflects the energy and vibrancy of the Buddhist and Chinese community.

At the courtyard of the Main Temple, the roar of firecrackers marked the start of the colourful Dragon and Lion Dance which, according to Chinese tradition, is meant to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune and prosperity to everybody.

According to traditional Chinese mythology, the dragon is a very auspicious yet powerful animal. It signifies courage, power, superiority, wisdom and its ability to overcome any obstacles in its course.

The notorious  lion dance combines art, history and kung fu moves. It is believed to bring luck and happiness.

In ancient times, people would write their names on a piece of ribbon, and it is said that if one can throw a coin with the ribbon attached onto the Wishing Tree without falling, one’s wish will come true.

Praying during New Year also represents a new goal for the New Year, praying for a better future for both self, family and friends. The Wishing Tree is used to pray for everything from education to career, from wealth to health, from family to relationships. If one’s heart is sincere, one’s prayers will be heard by the Buddha and their dreams will come true.

Traditional red envelopes are given to younger generations for luck and prosperity.

For more pictures visit my Facebook album – Chinese New Year (

Things I love.

Here are some of the things that I love that have just popped into my mind:

1. Tea

2. Chocolate

3. Tea & chocolate

4. Photography

5. Travelling

6. Handmade items

7. Music

8. Photojournalism

9. Jewellery (especially earrings!)

10. Dancing

11. Interior decorating

12. Flowers

13. Hammocks

14. Sunsets

15. Cape Town

16. Relaxing

17. Family

18. Massages

19. Learning new things

20. Fashion

So basically I love all things that are beautiful. <3

PS. Random picture of my sister because I love her too.

PPS. My cute little doggie because I miss her so very much.

Little bit of this an a little bit of that.

So a very very important thing I have forgotten to mention is that I love photography! One of the things that make my soul happy. I will try to include only photographs that I have personally taken but if a picture is not my own, I will inform you. And, I would also like to apologise profusely in advance for the complete lack of order and structure of my posts. Like I said, my mind wonders… and I am writing whatever comes to mind.

Moving on.

Here are some random pictures that I have taken over the years. Not exactly sure when or where but I feel they should come out of hiding at some point and that moment is now.

My heart and soul lies in my photographs. I love to capture moments in time that represent a feeling- an emotional connection to the subject- a moment that exposes the truth.

I am passionate about life and all the bits and pieces in between. People, places and things are my subjects- unstaged and raw. It is the characters of everyday life that amaze and tell a magnificent story…